Tranist stops for when you travel

3 Jaw Dropping stops to take when you travel 

In my meticulous route  planning, I read a lot about the cheapest and easiest ways to get the best views.  I need to go to great places but I also need to keep my budget in check, so I take any form of mass transit that is available. 

Here are some tips for how to save money by taking mass transit at your destination!

In some of our travels, we have found some jaw-dropping transit (like the tube, metro etc.) stops that get you face to face with some iconic places.  I also like to keep some of these little gems in my pocket, especially when I travel with others. I can stop here and watch their faces light up when you walk out of a train station and are nose to nose with Big Ben. I have compiled a list of 3 of the best stops in Paris, London, and even Washington DC.

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So here are my favorite jaw-dropping transit stops:

Number 1: Paris- Mass Transit (Metro) to the Eiffel Tower

In Paris, the Trocadero Metro station, get a great view of the massive tower.  Walk out of the station turn the corner and you are smack dab in front of one the best view, in my opinion, of the Eiffel tower.  Taking more than a few people to this stop, I have encountered little crowds and perfect photo-ops. P.S. don’t forget to travel at the off time see the best ways to save money when you travel.

The specific details:

You will want to take the 6 or the 9 line to the Trocadero Station.  You will want to find the exit or “sortie” for av du Woodrow Wilson #1.  Or an easier way, follow the brown signs that say, Tour Eiffel. Walk up the stairs and continue on past the building and then to the left will be an awesome sight, a fantastic view of the Eiffel tower from across the Seine.  You can see it all this way. After all your photo shoots, walk down to the tower. I haven’t gone at sunset or rise but I am sure it’s lovely. We also travel during off-peak times and really get the place to ourselves.

Jaw Dropping Transit stops

Number 2: London-Mass Transit (Tube) to Big Ben

Stepping out of this underground station to a surprising view of Big Ben is my favorite.  I have had a lot of pleasure watching people’s reactions as they are face to face with an English icon.  You come out of the station and you feel that you are really are in the middle of London. It’s not an immediate stop for a photo, but more of an experience.  You will walk around to find your favorite spot and then be thankful you were brave enough to conquer the tube!

The Specific Details:

The Circle, District and Jubilee lines go to Westminster Station.  Look for and follow the signs for Exit 4, Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey.  Walk up the stairs and you come out of the station veer left and there you have it, Big Ben towering above and Houses of Parliament.  A great moment the first or 15th time.

Jaw Dropping transit Stops

Number 3: The DC Metro to The Smithsonian and The National Mal

Once you take the escalator up, you can’t help but be awed by being in the center of the National Mall.  And I do mean the center, like in the middle of the grass area. Another tip, this station can get really busy. Once you ext you have the capital building to one side and the Washington Monument to the others. This is a fun one to really feel like you are in the middle of DC.

The specific details:

Take the Orange, Blue or Silver Line to the  Smithsonian National Mall stop. Exit towards the mall (look at the street sign direction) and take the escalator to the top.  This station also has an elevator, but check for up to date information.

Virtual Field Trip on Teachers Pay Teacher

Traveling in your classroom

To my teacher friends, each of these great stops requires a couple incredible trips, which can take a little while to complete.  So, why wait?  Create a virtual field trip in your own classroom.  Ryan the To Travel and Teach counterpart created this simple virtual field trip to make locations like these come to life in his geography class.  But, a virtual field trip could work in history class like visiting the ancient Egypt or maybe in science class like seeing to the top of Mt. Everest.  Take a look at our free template for the Virtual Field Trip and transport your students to a far away land.

Enjoy your rides and use the money you saved on a souvenir. Feel accomplished that you have not only gotten some of the best views, but you also rode the rails, the tube, the metro like a local.

Don’t throw away your maps, they can make great travel souvenirs.  Also, check out tips to using the train to save even more money. 

Tips for the best transit stops

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